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Soul Work Midwife

Helping spiritual entrepreneurs gain prosperity by finding peace and purpose within their soul work


Collaborative Projects

Let's co-create

Tash Lewin + interviewed entrepreneurs

A podcast for spiritual entrepreneurs co-creating their business with the universe.



If you are a spiritual entrepreneur and you run your business by co-creating with the Universe , I would love to interview you for this podcast. I am seeking interesting and deep conversations about the Universe, our reason for being here and now, delving into who we are and what our soul work is, amongst others. If this sounds like you, please email me support@inspolab.com]

The Oracle Creator

Julie & Tash Lewin

Helping spiritual entrepreneurs bring their soul work + message to the masses.

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Co-create your own own oracle cards in 12 weeks

Do you have an idea for an Oracle Card deck burning inside of you, that won’t let you rest until it’s out in the world?

Then it’s time to finally say YES to that voice that has been telling you that your meant to do great things, to make a difference, and be seen in all your glory.

This is me…Tash

Dressing Your Truth: Type 2 + Secondary 4
Brand archetypes: The Sage + The Alchemist
Sparktype/s: The Maker + The Scientist
Fascinate: The Secret Weapon (Mystique + Innovation)
Animal totems: The Owl + The Wolf

Astrology: Pisces Sun + Cancer Rising + Taurus Moon
(if you want to learn Brand Astrology check out Leslie Tagorda – The Savvy Luminary)

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